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Why r Politicians not questioning Oil rich muslim countries not taking Syrian Refugees?

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Its time the Government addressed this issue about Syrian and other muslim refugees issues.We need our politicians and the public to question the already oil rich muslim Arab countries like Ex: Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Qutar ,Malasiya,Brunei,etc as to why they are not taking in a single muslim refugee who live very next door and have all the means to support them by creating a safe zone feed them give shelter until the war is over .They have so much wealth people have no idea..Saudi Arabia has million air conditioned tents but no one lives in it..surely its nothing for them to help their own people who are muslims too Its strange no one in the west stop to think about this.Why only the west has to face  this huge problem which is affecting ordinary citizens like us living peacefully but no more peace after the arrival of these new type pf muslims(who oppose anything and everything non islamic).also its our hard earned Tax money the governments are using as welfare for these people who don't want to work?


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