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This petition is to start an investigation into the Criminal Acts committed by Mr.  Isharaka Gunasinghe  against our Country and my Deceased Daughter Carolyn, Tax Evasion, Fraud against INS, Fraudulent Marriage, Fraudulent Bank accounts, Blackmail, Death Threats, Defraud Estate of Asset. Credit Card Fraud.  He is the main cause  behind the Death of my Daughter NYS Corrections Officer Carolyn R. Torres on 12-10-2015. He duped  her into the Marriage then forcing her into signing documents by blackmailing her, and use the threat of Death.  By Signing this petition will can open an Investigation from the , INS, IRS, New York State Income Tax Revenue, and have this man answer for his Crimes. He has robbed, lied, used death threats, fraudulent documents,  to gain illegal permanent status in our Nation. This man and his Cohorts are very well Organized and have used threat of Death to stop me from reporting his Criminal actions to the proper Authority. 

This man is a Criminal  illegal immigrant, his name is Isharaka Gunasinghe. He and his criminal cohorts have found ways to lie, steal, falsify documents to INS, IRS, filed false tax returns, open fake Bank accounts, stole thousands of thousands of dollars in  assets, also in Federal and New York State tax evasion.  There are other unknown  benefits that were obtain by him illegally. He has broken so many Federal Laws, and has threaten  the lives of Americans to gain his Green Card and Permanent status in the U.S.  He used the threat of death and blackmail to obtain a Green card  through a false marriage. He is mostly to blame for the death of my  daughter NYS Corrections Officer Carolyn Rose Torres who was killed on 12/10/2015 in a horrible automobile care accident in which she was killed in a head on collision with a tractor trailer.

This man and his cohorts  are extremely  dangerous to our Nations Security. We need an Investigation by INS, IRS, FBI and hopefully Homeland Security.  Mr. Isharaka Gunasinghe know that I'm a Disabled Veteran yet he threaten my life, by telling me that he could make me disappear if he wanted to, just like he said to my daughter. To show how low this man can go, my daughter has been dead since 12/10/2015. On 10/09/2017 I had sent for her Credit report because I had a hunch that Mr. Isharaka Gunasinghe was stealing from my daughter. He is using her credit, even though she is Dead.  He has already stolen $60,000.00 from her and Thousands of Thousands in Income Tax Fraud and other fraudulent schemes False Documents given to INS,  that need to be Investigated by the Federal Government.

They are the traitors, liars, thieves fraudsters, and above all extremely dangerous  to our Nation Security, for if they get away with this, they will surly do it again, hence they might just be doing that right now, because they are very well Organized and have people in all the right places. They know the Immigrations Laws well, and how to get around INS with all these false documents. The evidence will be provided, all the documents are safe guarded. My daughter wanted a Divorce, she was scared to Death, he choose to use Death Threats, and Blackmail. 


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