Kemp-Butler Recall: Their Failure With Georgia's Corona Virus Epidemic-Pandemic & Support

Kemp-Butler Recall: Their Failure With Georgia's Corona Virus Epidemic-Pandemic & Support

February 3, 2021
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Georgia Secretary of State Ben Raffensperger
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Why this petition matters

Started by Paul Douglas Hale

We The Citizens of Georgia, have witnessed more than 14,000 Georgians Die of Covid-19, and known 850,000 with Covid-19 and recognize the massive failures of governments at city, county, state and federal levels, caused by eighty-five years of democrat-republican illegal monopoly

We Recognize Georgia Public Broadcasting, CNN, and Television and Radio Broadcasters all Private Businesses - Have enforced this inept two-party monopoly

We Recognize Private Political Groups Caused America to Have the World's #1 Covid Rate - 27 Million of 326 Million Citizens - Two and One-Half Times Higher Than #2 India, 11 Million of 1.4 Billion

We Recognize All democrat and republican office holders must leave office and will only leave office by New Elections or avoidably, by revolution


Raffensperger, As of 2.4.21 and 2.5.21, Choosing Not to Publish on his self-controlled Wikipedia page, He Is Born in Canada, has no Business as Georgia Secretary of State and must admit and deliver himself to the United States Magistrate Atlanta for Voluntary Imprisonment.

Demand Begun by Sixth Generation Georgian Paul Douglas Hale 

2020 FEC Registered Independent for President, non-AIP/IPA

Presidential Special Agent, Clinton-Bush; Nathan Hale and William Baynard Hale

University Senator, Clayton State University, Health Sciences Degree Awarded, 2005; Sworn to Georgia and U.S. Constitutions 

Infectious Diseases EMT, South Fulton Hospital (Atlanta Medical Center South), East Point, 1992

Nurse Extern, DeKalb Medical Center Shock-Trauma-Federal Stroke Research Emergency Room, 1992

Emergency Medical Technician Firefighter, DeKalb County, 1980

Nominee, Volunteer of the Year, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1982 (AJC Never reporting 2020 Candidacy or current Twitter posts)

American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Instructor, 1982-1992

Quartermaster Rank, Sea Explorer Ship 146, Eastland Road UMC, 1977

Order of the Arrow Honor Camping Society, Brotherhood Rank, Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge, Decatur, GA, 1975

Eagle Scout, Troop 146 1973-1977

WEBELOS Award, Pack 146, 1973

Law Enforcement Explorer, Post 377, DeKalb Sheriff's Department, 1978-79

Community Watch Organizer at Sixteen, Eastland Heights, DeKalb Police Department, 1977

Drum Major and Soccer Team Captain, Four State and National Records, Walker (McNair Sr.) High School: Saxophone, Tuba Forward Center, 1973-1978

Vice-Chairman, The Citizen's Steering Committee, The Atlanta Child Murders, 1981-1983

Note: My Legal H1B Visa Fiancee, Now resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Where Raffensperger Came From

And Ask Why Ontario Senator Romeo Dallaire, now, also a United Nations Diplomat, Refuses to Contact Paul Douglas Hale: 

Dalliaire, is the Canada Army Lieutenant General Who Led UN Peacekeeping Forces in Rwanda "To protect Tusi" from the Documented More Than 350,000 Hutu Genocide.


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Signatures: 126Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Ben RaffenspergerGeorgia Secretary of State