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Don't Deny Our Kids...Black/White/Brown/Asian...#educationfirst

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senior  student @ Shawnee High School Springfield Ohio made a positive choice to transfer to a different school to first and for most better his education. The school in question offered class that weren't available at Shawnee (a county school).  So the student transferred to Springfield High School (a city school)  to get more college preparatory classes. Not to mention that Shawnee baseball team had a hazing situation where the participants of the baseball team were not even allowed to play.  Unfortunately there has been hazing and racial under tones at Shawnee for years,  many urban kids depend on sports weather it be AAU or High School.  The young man in question didn't need hand outs he just want on the field.  After transferring mid March,  one week before the football season starts he his told there is a 5 game suspension.  Better than a 3.0 GPA..state weightlifting champ in his weight division!  Why play with a child's future.  Todd King Jr.  Has followed all the rules except bad mouth his last school, which he will never do....but look in the public records on Shawnee...see sum of the practices that make AFRICAN -AMERICANS uncomfortable....WHY MUST A CHILD SIT GAMES!!!!!

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