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Ring the Bells of Revolution

John Spritzler
Brighton, MA

Sep 6, 2013 — Please visit to read about the Ring the Bells of Revolution goal of getting 130 million signatures for "This I Believe" from a majority of adults in the United States, and displaying the signatures publicly.

In the Boston area we find that on average 75% of the people who stop to read This I Believe on the street corners where we display it in large posters, sign it.

When millions of people have signed it, everything will change. People will know that, far from being a hopelessly small and weak minority in having revolutionary egalitarian aspirations, they are a majority that can think realistically about building large organizations with revolutionary goals and taking concrete steps to make these changes for real, including persuading a critical mass of members of the U.S. military forces to refuse orders to attack the revolutionary movement and to help defend it from those who would attack it violently.

Yes, We CAN Change the world!


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