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Character witnesses for Roderick B. Sears

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We the undersigned are signing this petition as character witnesses for Roderick B. Sears in efforts to prove that he is a respectable person that has made a positive impact on many lives in and around the community. He is a good father, son, big brother, neighbor, friend and mentor to many people and he is a strong positive influence and touches the lives of many. He is a hard worker and takes pride in his good deeds.
He has a community event where he gives back to the community offering free foods for all, free bike and fireworks for the kids. He also supplies entrainment for the adults and a safe and free eventful for the last 8 years. This was an event him and his family and friends put together for the community.
He has been a little league football coach for the past 10 years. He don’t just coach the kids Coach Rod as the kids call him provide overnight stays, event where he take the team out to talk to them and give school advice and the respectful they have to display towards parent and any adult figure etc..
He is a highly respected for his morals and his wisdom where he can relate kids, teens. Please consider the man that Rod Sears is and not just what the reports says of his previous misfortune. NOW I NEED YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION AND BRING ME HOME TO MY FAMILY!!!!! THIS DOUCMENTATION IS TO HELP THEM SEE THE PERSON HE IS NOT WHO THEY PORTRAY HIM TO BE.

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