I want a world where everyone will be given a chance to speak out their mind

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I wept about those dying. I heard wailings of the Weak and helpless children but our heads are just watching. Children becoming motherless, mothers becoming widows and our leaders are just watching. The masses raise petitions but no one is listen. I want people to join me in this petition and join me in this war of liberation. We need a place of rest, not a place where citizens becomes slave in their own houses. 

I want a world where the voice of everyone will be heard, where the cry and wailing of the weak ones will be recognized where everyone will turn blind to the fault of another person. I want a world of peace, unity and love. 

I am Ojo Boluwatife Emmanuel CEO sages expose yourself https://sagephileo.blogspot.com and this is my petition World of the blind by Sage Phileo Ojo Boluwatife Emmanuel