End the 30 years of injustice using the State’s Constitutional Rights !

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During 1980s, entire public were supporting the freedom struggle of Srilankan Tamils, as the oppression against them was at its peak. Indira Gandhi and MGR too supported them with whatever they could. Public held rallies and demonstrations, donated money, clothes, medicine and what not. Schools and Colleges protested the oppression and went on strike for several days. This is the time Perarivalan at a tender age of 19 influenced by everyone around him, supported them because of his natural alignment towards human rights issues.

That support doesn’t mean he played a role in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Perarivalan always claimed his innocence, that he supported the struggle, but never supported or played a role in the murder. His plea of innocence, was unheard until Mr.Thiagarajan IPS an investigating officer of CBI came forward and admitted that he recorded/tweaked the confession that led to the belief that Perarivalan had a role. He also suggested that Perarivalan could not have been privy to the knowledge of Murder, considering several other evidences.

It was a groundbreaking revelation in the case, but for some political reasons he was kept behind the bars even after 30 years of incarceration.

The Supreme Court Justice who once confirmed the death sentence of Perarivalan had openly committed that he was under too much of pressure then; and that Perarivalan should be released immediately.

Perarivalan developed several medical conditions due to the continuous stress, and his parents at late 70s have a few more years to go while they themselves are fighting against their own medical conditions. Should he not be allowed to provide palliative care to his parents?

W.r.t his conduct, several prison authorities including the then DIG of prisons commented openly on his remarkable behaviour and Perarivalan did complete his Degree and Masters while in prison. He was instrumental in motivating fellow inmates to take up education and helped them achieve SSLC, Plus2 and degree graduations.

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Honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Those who had signed this petition, along with the people of Tamilnadu, kindly solicit your gracious intervention in the above subject, and expedite the release of Perarivalan considering the factors demanding his freedom, using the State’s Constitutional powers. Tamilnadu will be grateful to you if this is a gift for this Pongal ! Thank You !!