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Think Before You Prank

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Bell Media, owner of MuchMusic, aired an episode of the popular prank TV show created by Hallock Healey Entertainment, Scare Tactics, called "Human Auction," wherein a young woman was tricked by her friend to think she was being sold into sexual slavery.

The really scary thing is how offensive and insensitive this episode is, making light of a heinous crime of which millions of children, men, and women are forced to live as victims across the globe.

The good news is that your efforts managed to get them to pull the episode.

That's a small victory, but our job isn't done.

OneChild has been in contact with Bell Media representatives, and we've asked them to post a public acknowledgement that human trafficking should never be a punchline.

Surprisingly, Bell Media has refused this simple gesture, stating that pulling the episode is "good enough."

But what about the viewers who have already seen the episode, and think human trafficking is funny, and fit for entertainment?

And even worse, what if a victim of human trafficking had seen that episode? 

Pulling the episode from future airing is the first step, but it isn't the last one.

A representative from Bell Media told us that MuchMusic "lends its voice to raise awareness about important issues relevant to our audience," and yet they're choosing to REMAIN SILENT about an issue relevant to Canadians: Human trafficking of children, men, and women.

Bell Media has stated that they care what their viewers say, so YOU have the power to make a Canadian telecom giant stand up and tell the entire country that human trafficking is a terrible crime, and should never be a punchline. What scares us is the possibility of Bell Media quietly sweeping this under the rug. We need YOUR help to show them that when human trafficking is the issue, WE WON'T GIVE UP!!

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