Think about the mentally challenged

Think about the mentally challenged

November 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Caleb Obeng Mensah

People suffering from mental illness (mad people) are also human beings like you and I, just that they are sick. They feel pains, hungry, thirsty,cold, warm and anything a normal human being feels, just that they cannot communicate it . This doesn't make them aliens from humans. Why then do we have to leave them on the streets without shelter,food, clothes and most especially love and care every normal human being needs. They're humans and they need to be treated as such. What if our love can heal them? What if they living in a conducive environment like everyone can be the antidote to their illnes. It saddens me to see my fellow human being on the street naked, hungry,sick ,etc and other human beings act unconcerned.

This is the time we need to rise up and prove that we're Human beings. What makes us different from other creatures is love. 

This is the time to show concern to our fellow humans who are sick. 

They shouldn't be naked.

They should have a place to lay down their heads.

They should get food to eat.

They should get clean water to drink.

They should be treated medically,when there are sick.

Can't we get a place to accommodate such people, rather than leaving them on the streets under these harsh weather conditions?

Can't we prevent vehicles hitting these people daily if they are being accommodated at one particular place?

Can't we prevent these vulnerable people from money ritualists that requires mentally challenged people for their sacrifices?

We can do this.

We have to do this .

They're Humans like you and I .

It can happen to everyone which you and I are not excluded.

Imagine you see your son, father ,mother,any family member on the street naked, hungry or sick. How would you feel?.

We all have the power to change this if we ce to the realisation that they're our fellow humans.

This is why I want to take this initiative by establishing a foundation that seeks to help such people .I can't do this alone, that's why I need more people, resources and advice to implement this initiative.

This quote from Jesus Christ is the motive behind this initiative which goes like this " like your neighbors as yourself" . I will fight harder to see this happen.




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Signatures: 210Next Goal: 500
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