They Courtnapped My Daughter-If not stopped, they'll steal yours

They Courtnapped My Daughter-If not stopped, they'll steal yours

October 13, 2022
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Started by Rhonda Reyna

On June 28. 2021 my daughter Brooke was violently courtnapped by 8 Santa Cruz Police officers using fraudulent court orders issued by Judge Don R. Franchi of San Mateo County, CA in collusion with Family Law Attorney Julia Starr Ferguson, Reunification therapist, Dr. Rebecca Bailey of Transitioning Families in Sonoma, CA, Psychologist Nancy Read in Palo Alto, CA and multiple members of law enforcement in San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties, CA.   Family Law Attorneys Travis Whitfield and Jacqueline Bickar aided and ebeddded the courtnapping in the aftermath of this traumatic event experienced by me and my daughter, when I hired them to "help me." 58,000 children a year are being courtnapped and the public has been unaware this is happening. (

Video of Brooke's kidnapping

Please be the change and help rescue all the stolen children. Read to learn more about the crisis at

I shared my story, making suggestions for solutions during my interview with Slam the Gavel

Read what Fraud Upon the Court is and invoke our rights to protect our children.

New Information!! On October 20, 2022 two more Santa Cruz Children were courtnapped away from their protective family, aided and abedded by the Santa Cruz Police Department under unlawful and illegal court orders of Judge Rebecca Connoly in Santa Cruz, CA.  Maia and Sebastian posted videos on instagram pleaing for neighbors to help. Multiple advocates phoned SCPD staff but were lied to.

The videos of Maia and Sebastian's kidnapping:

Maia and Brooke were both very brave to fight back. I hope the public will help these courageous young women and boy to be returned to their loving, safe, protective parents who they were cruelly separated from as well as all the other stolen children.

Every Judge, police officer, city council member, District Attorney, family law attorney, reunification therapists and transport agents who have participated in illegal and unlawful activities must be recalled, arrested and held on trial by jury for the kidnapping of all three Santa Cruz Children and more. 

The Robing Room review of Judges Connolly and Franchi:

I would really appreciate any small donations to help pay for the paper, ink cartridges, laminating sheets, jump drives and other expenses associated with educating and informing the public about this crisis. I've donated thousands of hours on this and spent from my savings account to do it. Any teeny bit would help. I'm out of ink and those cartridges are $92 at Costco. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity and help. :)  My paypal link is below


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Signatures: 337Next Goal: 500
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