Setting up of programmes for mental health illness relief in high school and colleges

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Mental health illness or commonly knows as depression or anxieties has become the most devastating thing in today's teenagers' life.

When strange things happen in life, even though being totally fine in front of society you're crying inside forming a facade of happiness, when you aren't able to do homework, when you start removing yourself from friends, when you don't answer your phone, going to school becomes the most difficult thing and getting out of bed seems impossible, it might be depression.
Depression, mostly regarded as an emotional sadness but it's not. Sadness is something which comes and goes like happiness does or maybe called as fluctuating event in human life but depression or anxiety is the constant phenomena of being below neutrality. Depression can't be noticed just walking down a street or hallway. Depression is not only due to the increasing grade pressure but also due to bullying, the pressure to be stereotypical man and women and a lot more. Although other factors, bullying stands the best reason to cause such problem. You don't know how a single word, an opinion or a comment can destroy someone's life. This one factor is deadly and holds the biggest share in suicides.
Is it possible that we, the society is the thing responsible for the increasing disease that is more than capable of killing?
This issue isn't talked about much because it is often deemed as phase or hormones or being over emotional. Oftentimes, conversations regarding mental illness result in words thrown around that are totally irrelevant.
Depression is the 3rd largest cause of death among teenagers. 4,400 kids commit suicide a year.
How are we expected to be successful and go to good college and have a good career, when the pressure is too overwhelming and we don't even finish high school?
This is happening to a dangerous number of teens and is a statistic that is increasing every year and is the reason why each of us needs to advocate for relief programmes for teens that are suffering from anxiety and depression.
We shouldn't wait for this statistics to go higher and number to skyrocket. If we have the power to make someone go viral and known by the whole world, we have the power to advocate schools for programmes.

Your little help might bring big changes.