Now is the time to update Thesauruses with accurate synonyms for "Introvert"

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Introvert, Dear and Beyond Introversion are partnering to right this injustice. 

Did you know that online thesauruses such as offer synonyms for "introvert" including "egotist, narcissist, hermit, loner, recluse, anti-social, autist, and shrinking violet?"  Merriam-Webster claims related words for introvert include "mouse" and "icicle."  These words are just wrong. They always have been. And in the past decade, introverts have undergone a reawakening of sorts.

Now more than ever, introverts are learning about what introversion really means and discovering and embracing their amazing strengths. Many introverts are stellar listeners, creatives, world-class planners, caring and empathetic, loyal confidantes, and avid learners. These traits are to be celebrated. We are done hiding. We are getting our voice into the meeting room and social hall.

Let's just be clear, the struggles most introverts have endured are not that we are introverts, but that we have to deal with the stereotypes that many of our friends, family, co-workers, and managers have accepted and assumed are true. This impacts their perspective but also may dissuade introverts from putting themselves forward.

We may not openly debate, but we can share a more accurate definition of introversion.

Introvert: a person who generally prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments and feels energized when spending time alone. Introverts are often very reflective, observant, circumspect, empathetic, and loyal. They tend to greatly enjoy solo activities including reading, creative hobbies (art, writing, needlepoint, etc.), and exercise.

As for the Thesaurus, I suggest: reflective, observant, circumspect, empathetic, loyal, and creative.

Every time we see the online thesaurus definition we steam. So Introvert, Dear and Beyond Introversion have teamed up to do something about it. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, join us in petitioning the online thesauruses to update their listing for introvert.

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We hope you will join us in righting this wrong!