Thermomix 31 purchases

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Dear Grace and Bianca Mazur,

The recent ruling by the ACCC and following acknowledgment of misadventure by Thermomix Australia has caused a new wave of concern amongst TM31 owners. 

We appreciate the good intent of the offer to replace some 10000 units that fall within the defined date range. How fortunate those customers are, to receive a brand new TM5. However, many owners whose purchase dates fall outside these dates feel conflicted by worry and fear that this inherent fault may manifest in their machine without warning.

Reading the feedback and concerns off recent days, it is evident that the offer has not put the issue of ongoing safety to rest for once and for all. This is a publicity nightmare for Thermomix Australia. 

We who have sighed this petition seek to have you extend a gesture of goodwill to customers in the affected serial number range, regardless of date of purchase. That will mean different things to each person signing. Perhaps it’s unfeasible to extend a replacement to all affected serial number machines. But imagine the goodwill building in the community by doing so? This would surely cause a massive swing in your favour. 

We’ve signed to ask you to consider what may be done for all green seal customers, so that only the most safest of machines remain in use. 

Let’s look forward, to building a safer Thermomix experience together; building the good name of Thermomix in the Australian community, and building a positive food experience for all families who want to keep Thermomix at the heart of their family’s food journey.