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UK Govt Please Push British Courts for Trial of Bangladeshi War Criminal Mueen Uddin in UK

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Chowdhury Mueen Uddin, a convicted war criminal of Bangladesh, who has been charged on 16 counts for killing of Bengali intellectuals during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, a well known extremist having direct links with Jaamat-e-Islami, continues to roam freely in the UK.

He has been convicted for killing 9 teachers of Dhaka University, 6 journalists and 3 doctors. This cold blooded murderer was given the death sentence in absentia by the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh on the 3rd of November, 2013. Yet he continues to roam freely in London and live a great life in a 1 million pound worth home. This man who has been accused of 'crimes against humanity' lives a free man, due to his connections and money. Has the UK truly become a safe haven for criminals and terrorists? Despite of being in Interpol's list of most wanted British fugitives, this man roams free, making an utter mockery of the justice system!

'The Sun' writes that this Muslim leader whose photo was published by the Interpol among '25 most wanted Brits on the run' is doing quite the opposite of running. The Sun claims to have found him easily as he leaving his home in Southgate North London, visiting a mosque and while returning from a supermarket. One of his neighbors taunted saying, "Interpol can't be looking very hard." Mueen Uddin, who did not attend the trial by ICT in Bangladesh saying that it was a "show trial" seemed
quite unbothered as he spoke to The Sun and called it "all rubbish". Mueen Uddin fled to Britain after the war was over and gained citizenship.

Owing to his high connections, Mueen Uddin has become almost untouchable for the poor Bangladeshi government, who have repeatedly urged the Scotland Yard to arrest him but to no avail.

Britain is unwilling to approve his extradition as it is against their laws to let someone to be hanged directly or by means of extradition to the country where the person has been sentenced to death. But what is beyond understanding is why the UK cannot try this man in British courts? We can all respect the humanitarian ideals of UK but considering the fact that Mueen Uddin is an alleged and convicted war criminal who needs to be brought to justice, it in the best interest of all that this man be tried in the British courts, by application of the Universal Jurisdiction supported by three acts -
i)Geneva Conventions Act 1957
ii)Criminal Justice Act 1988
iii) International Criminal Court Act 2001.


(For a detailed study on Mueen Uddin's crimes and case history along with legal explanation by lawyers, please visit this link

Hence I request everyone to help us in urging the UK government in to pushing the British Courts for the trial of Chowdhury Mueen Uddin, who has been accused and convicted in Bangladesh for killing 18 Bengali intellectuals during the 1971 Liberation War.

Please raise your voice against this heinous crime and help us bring this criminal to justice.

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