Turn the Isle of Sheppey into a real life Jurassic Park

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1993 saw the release of the best film ever... And it got me thinking...

No one has done it for real yet. So with The Isle of Sheppey being pretty much the heart of the country, with a great harbour, loads of delicious sheep and heroin addicts roaming about and a booming population desperate for anything more entertaining than the hundreds of rubbish family fun days every summer,why not build a real life Jurassic Park here?

Of course, we'd have to be careful with security, we've all seen on at least 4 occasions what can go wrong when you mix Dinosaurs and the paying public, but as long as we're careful... what could possibly go wrong.

Imagine... Tyrannosaurs, Velociraptors & Triceratops all running amok around Neats Court Retail park. I'm not so sure about Dilophosaurus though, they spit. It'll be absolutly brilliant!  And let's face it, a lot more likely to happen than a Primark being built. 

So vote with your feet (mobile) and lets get parliament to make the small investment to make it happen. 

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