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Sack Boris Johnson, James Cleverly MP & Gavin Barwell for failing Grenfell Tower & LFB

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We are all saddened and horrified by the tragic events in London W11 , where Grenfell Tower , home to nearly 600 people went up in flames,  causing families to be evacuated with nothing but their night clothes, children have  been thrown out out of windows by desperate mothers trying to save their lives. People have jumped to their deaths rather than await a certain death in their homes. Hundreds of families and friends are missing loved ones and so far we know 12 people have been confirmed dead with many more to come and people in critic care in London hospitals. 

I was born and raised in W11 attended Maxilla Nursery and Avondale Park Primary School, my partner is a London Fire Fighter and I'm so sad.... 

In 2014 the then London Mayor Boris Johnson  and James Cleverly MP ( Then Head of the Fire authority ) currently Tory for Braintree , made the decision to close 10 London Firestaions. This decision was made against the vote  of 

-The members of The Fire Authority of the London Assembley (bar James Cleverly) 

-97% of The people of London in public consultation 

-The Firefighters of LFB ( London Fire Brigade) 

The London firefighters including my Partner Eric campaigned and held strikes with their FBU representatives against these cuts which they knew would put lives at risk and  leave London vulnerable. They were not listened too and lives have been lost   due to extended attendance times and less staff .

To be clear 

-14 fire engines were removed (Kensington and Chelsea had 8 Fire engines and now have 4) 

-552 Firefighter posts were cut. 

In Jan 2014 James Cleverly said " You have to make difficult decisions for the sake of good financial management ...... To continue to reduce death by fire' Source BBC 

Gavin Barwell was the Housing Minster and has failed Grenfell Tower residents. The Safety appraisal which had been over due for years was failed to be undertaken  by Barwell  the Housing Minister despite numerous requests and concerns . The Fire safety recommendations which brought about  after Lackanal House in 2009 ( fire where 6 people died ) as still yet to have taken place . 


These people need to be held accountable for their actions, which have enabled such a serious and devastating fire to take place. People have lost their lives, their families, their homes, a whole community. W11 will stand together and will show the courage that is needed, but it's not enough. 

While London Firefighters run into the inferno while saving lives and seeing the unimagenable devastation . These  buearcrats have done nothing to stop such a disaster. We have all seen the pictures of exhausted firefighters today , lets remember these people are true heroes and are treated appalingly like nurses only reviving a 1% pay rise in years.  


My my thoughts and love go out to everyone xxx 




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