Remove all anonymous messaging apps from Google Play and The App Store.

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On social media platforms, there are various 'anonymous' apps available that allow the user to register and then post a link on their Instagram, Facebook etc

The people that click on the link can then send whatever words they like to the user and the user has no way of identifying them.

Although these apps tell the sender to send something nice, more often than not the apps are used to send insulting, personal and horrible messages to the user.

The user sometimes then posts the anonymous messages on their social media profile.

By scrolling through my son's social media account, I have personally seen some users post messages that they have received telling them to kill themselves, that they're ugly, that they're disgusting etc.

Our young people are incredibly vulnerable and impressionable. Whilst, in an ideal world, they shouldn't even be installing apps like this, there will always be the element of peer pressure and to be seen to be cool etc.

By banning anonymous messaging apps for app stores etc, we reduce the risk of our children having to suffer the effects of receiving these messages.