Re-nationalise the Rail, Electricity, Gas, Water and Telecoms industry in the UK.

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Over the years, it is clear that the privatisation of the rail and utility industries here in the UK has failed. People can no longer use the rail system to traverse across the country, as lack of investment has left it in an unfit state for purpose. The system is old, under-funded and seriously inept, with old, dirty unkempt engines and carriages, and I believe that the only way to save this industry is to use a new,progressive model of nationalisation that is based on investment, service, and progression, and is not profit driven.

With regard to the re-nationalisation of the energy industry, it is clear that again, privatisation has failed miserably, as most of the energy companies are again run for profit and not for the good of the people or society. It has now come to pass that more and more people in this once great country cannot afford to heat their homes or turn the lights on anymore, as the cost has become phenomenal, and I’m not just talking about the low paid, elderly and other members of society. No, even everyday hard working people are now struggling with energy costs, and more and more of them are finding themselves in fuel poverty. The only way forward is to renationalise ALL the utility sector, (including water and telecoms), and again have a new, progressive model of nationalisation that is based on investment and people, not profit.

Therefore, with all the aforementioned issues, I would like to ask the Prime Minister, Theresa May to re-nationalise ALL the above industries, and use a new, progressive model of investment that is people, not profit based.

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