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Theresa May - Protect our Elderly, Disabled and Vulnerable #Budget2017 is a disgrace!

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"After six years of unprecedented budget reductions, the number of people aged over 65 accessing publicly funded social care has fallen by 26 percent. This is placing an unacceptable burden on families and carers and leaving increasing numbers of older people who have basic activities of daily living without any support " - as documented and researched by the Kings Fund (2016).

Health and Social Care does not only focus on our elderly, we need to protect individuals with disabilities needing support through care providers, charities and organisations. "All staff should understand and apply the principles of mental capacity laws" - Mencap "Getting it right"(2010).

"Make sure every eligible person with a learning disability can have an annual health check " - "Getting it right charter", Mencap 2010

"November 2015 is the twentieth anniversary of the passage of the Disability Discrimination Act " Scope Charity 

Disability Rights Campaigners are currently fighting for the rights of the disabled and vulnerable living in the U.K. 

It is now time for the UK government to recognise the support given by all CARE givers in attaining these goals and supporting these charters. CARE should be tailor made to suit the individuals needs, training should be adequate to enable care givers to provide the best standards and Health and Social care givers should have their careers recognised by the government, furthermore individuals needing Health and Social Care should be able to relax in the knowledge that their carers are trained to a national level of acceptable care .

The Care Quality Commission need to set a definitive ratio of individuals needing care to the amount of carers provided especially in residential care and nursing home settings. All employers need to recognise that their staff have wellbeing needs too and all employers and the government should recognise the hard work and dedication of staff working above and beyond their employers "Code of Conduct".  At present there are no definite ratios given by the Cqc who state in regulation 18 (staffing, 2016)
"Providers must not act in a way that prevents, limits or would result in staff not meeting requirements required by professional regulators"

It is time that the government pushes for us to be registered in the same way that nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals are registered. Many of us are administering life saving medication without three years of university training and are carrying out tasks to fulfil individuals needs with basic training. We are frontline staff trying to provide best standards of care for those needing it and need recognition and a pay increase. In basic terms it is strongly believed and suggested that all care providers "sing from the same sheet" and that national standards are set for all care givers.

A "National Living Wage" of £7.50 per hour does not support us in our own daily lives. 

Funding of £2 billion over three years (budget 2017) will not protect those requiring social care and it will impact on employers providing care that need to pay dedicated and experienced staff. The elderly are living longer but it is well documented that too many elderly people are living in poor health. "There is evidence of worsening health for many older people in some parts of the country " - Professor Danny Dorling, (Oxford University) 2016.

The Government need to recognise that tragic events such as the "Winterbourne View" scandal screened by Panorama in 2011 should never happen again. 

All staff should receive adequate nationally recognised and supported training and updates on training to ensure that incidents of abuse do not happen. 

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 states that "Demand is growing rapidly as the population ages and long-term conditions become more common"

"Power will be transferred from Ministers to Parliament. In the current system Ministers are able to set up new organisations, create permanent quangos and change the responsibilities of existing bodies through directions which are not subject to the control or scrutiny of Parliament " - Health and Social Care Act 2012.  Therefore I am contacting you the Prime Minister to ensure that you do exactly what your goverment's legislation states. 

"Older people are not recognised explicitly under human rights laws" - Alison Fenney, evidence paper for Age U.K. (2012) and it is not very well known but is understood and believed that if an act of Parliament breaches the convention rights of the Human Rights Act (HRA, 1998) then the courts can decide and declare that an act of legislation is no longer compatible. 

At local level we are seeing an increase in our council tax payments and it is advised that we are paying towards health and social care provision in an already fragile system.

With care "rapidly becoming little more than a threadbare safety net for the poorest and most needy older people" -  the Kings Fund as reported by Barbara Keeley in The Guardian 7/3/ 2017.

Multidisciplinary team collaboration is vital in providing care that involves individuals "best interests" now maybe the government should look after ours?

The UK unemployment rate held at an 11- year low of 4.8 percent during the period of October and December 2016 (trading economics) maybe you could look into putting care provision back on an urgent agenda and ensure that those of us that are already employed within the health and social care sector receive the recognition and support that we deserve? 

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