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Justice for Russell "Barty" Brown

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Theresa May - we the Brown/Happe family are calling for a retrial & We would like the courts to lessen the beyond all reasonable doubts principal. 

On September 11th 2016 the Brown/Happe family watched Russell "Barty" Brown take his last breath at the Royal London Hospital, despite desperate attempts to save his life including operating on him at the scene Russell Brown lost his life. 

Barty, as his friends and family called him, was murdered - stabbed to death, stabbed two times viciously through his heart with the intent to end his life - on the 27th March 2017 after much deliberation the jury found the accused NOT GUILTY with a majority verdict. 
The facts were plain for all to see

•CCTV evidence showing the accused entering the property where the attack took place and leaving with blood on their clothes, clothes for the one of the accused were later found - they had been washed and smelt strongly of detergent, but were still stained with blood, which forensic investigation confirmed, though the DNA could not be matched to Russell Brown. 

•One of the accused was heard shouting "i'm gonna get my brother and get you killed you mother fucker" he returned shortly after this with his brother. 

•Witness statements confirmed that the accused were seen leaving the property with blood stained clothes.

•One of the accused was seen banging on the door of a property in Nelson gardens after the attack in just his underpants after taking a longer & unusual route back to the property. 
These Men are now free to roam the streets, in yet another miscarriage of justice.

 How many more times must we rely on a jury of unqualified people to make such an important decision? How many more people will be killed? How many more lives will be ruined?

It is too late for us to save Barty, it is too late to save the victims from the terror attack, but it is not too late to stop these callous murderers going on to commit another crime. 

Despite the denials that they didn't stab Barty and stating that when they left the property he was fine, solid evidence states otherwise. 

Barty was due to donate a kidney to his Aunt whose life is still at risk, he has a fantastic family and friends who are all heartbroken by his loss. 
We need justice, we need his family and his friends and his young relatives to regain faith in the British justice system and most importantly we all need to know that we are safe. 
Kind Regards 
The Brown/Happe Family 

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