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Testicular Cancer Screening to be made available to Special Needs Young Men

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Testicular Cancer is unusual as it tends to affect younger men ~ those in the 15 to 35 age group. It is relatively uncommon, accounting for about 1% of all male cancers.


According to CRUK, 2300 men are diagnosed annually in the United Kingdom, and of those, 70 will result in death.


Testicular Cancer has one of the highest cure rates, if caught early enough.


Delays in having a referral from a GP to a Urologist, will be compounded if the young man has special needs, and poor communication skills.


"Well Man Clinics" for young men should be made available freely, and annually, for those with special needs, whether they are at school, college, in a care home, or living at home with parents.


The health checks available at these Well Man Clinics should include screening for Testicular Cancer.


I care about this problem as my son, who was 29 years old at the time, had Asperger Syndrome, was diagnosed too late, with Testicular Cancer, and tumours had spread to his lungs and brain.


Despite nearly finishing an aggressive regime of chemotherapy, over ninety nine days, he sadly passed away, almost two months after his thirtieth birthday.


Had more awareness of Testicular Cancer been raised at regular GP checkups, Well Man Clinics, general male healthcare discussion at the Care Home, the outcome could have been so different.



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