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UK Government: Show your support for the release of Lolita from the Miami Seaquarium!

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Lolita the killer whale has been imprisoned in a bathtub-sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium for the past 46 years. Violently taken from her mother as a young calf, she was seized from Penn Cove, along with six other Orca calves in a violent ambush that left five Orcas dead, and separated these six calves from their mothers, each to be sold to marine parks. Lolita is the last remaining whale of six Orcas kidnapped during the August 8th, 1970 kidnapping operation. She has since has been made into a glorified circus clown for the Miami Seaquarium, performing tricks for audiences 'in the name of education' for nearly five decades. This is NOT educational; it is nothing short unimaginable cruelty, and needs to be stopped! She is the only one doing the hard work, yet she is punished rather than rewarded for her labours; and Seaquarium owners Palace Entertainment, Parques Reunidos in Madrid, and Arle Capital Partners in the UK are making millions from her misery. She is incarcerated in the smallest orca tank in North America - far too small by even the most minimal Federal standards - and efforts to build a bigger tank for her are no longer even being considered. She is longer than her tank is deep, which is very likely to cause her body to hit bottom every time she breaches on command. This is likely very painful to her, and she has no choice but to perform such 'behaviors', or she will be deprived of food.

During hurricane Irma, Miami Seaquarium's animals were left unsheltered and largely unattended to ride out the category 5 hurricane, with no viable protection.  It is imperative that we highlight this cruelty, and rally those who can help to get on board, and help where they can! 

They refuse to let her go because she is their moneymaker. Eventually, the forcible captivity WILL kill her.  HOWEVER, there is a meticulously-devised step-by-step plan in place for her, once she is released; AND SHE NEEDS OUR HELP to make this happen. Please stand up for what is right, and help us to help her! Help us put Arle Capital Partners, and its CEO Sir George Buckley, into the pressure cooker! Watch the documentaries 'Blackfish' and 'Lolita: Slave to Entertainment' on Youtube ('Blackfish is also available on Netflix) and become educated! The cruelty must stop NOW, before it's too late for Lolita!


Watch 'Blackfish' here (HD)

Watch 'Lolita: Slave To Entertainment' here

Lolita's story and updates, via The Orca Network

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