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Why Just Foxes Theresa? Bring back ALL the Blood Sports!

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Dear Mrs May,

I heard your statement about fox hunting today and to be perfectly honest I could say I am a little bit miffed. You did not go nearly far enough in your statement in regard to what animals I should be allowed to hunt, capture or unfairly set against one another. I for one would like to see a much broader scope of legality in this area and cannot help but feel this issue underpins a much deeper one. This is a class issue.

This petition is asking you to make all classic working class bloodsports of old legal once again and give tax incentives to the poorest of our society to help them break away from the badger baiting and chicken football and try something a little more exotic. Not everyone has access to a pack of hounds and a few horses Theresa! Why not encourage the affluent fox hunters to involve these communities? Why only in the countryside and not in cities and towns? I fail to comprehend the notion that we can close half of London for a marathon every year but can't have a single day in Victoria Park where young and old, rich and poor, black and white come together and find their common ground while rabbit rocking or carp bashing.

Why are you discriminating against the people (and foxes) of this country, who may not be able to afford a kennel and stable, but should not be denied their right to hog whipping, badger tossing, goose pulling, cow tipping, guinea pig shot put, spider fighting or any other sport of their fancy, that involves something that can't be torn to shreds unless you have a silly coat and a fancy horn?

Also, some clarification on exactly what the current law is regarding snail racing and moth stroking would be useful, as current interpretations could be construed as ambiguous.

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