Where is Tommy Robinson?

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Tommy Robinson was arrested and spirited away on May 25th of this year by the UK government.

The circumstances surrounding his arrest were suspect to say the least, and remain muddled in uncertainty to this day.

However, what is more concerning at this point is that since his arrest, Tommy Robinson has been entirely unheard from. There have been zero reports of his status, or whether he is being protected in prison from those who would wish to do him harm.

Given the growing unrest over his imprisonment, one must wonder:

Why has the UK government not given assurances to the people on the safety of Tommy Robinson? Why has the UK government not allowed reporters to speak with him regarding the circumstances of his arrest and imprisonment, and why are no mainstream outlets investigating further via contacting Tommy directly?

There are many possible reasons for this. It is entirely possible Tommy Robinson is radio silent for his own reasons. However, at this point, the reasons for this are not known, and given the circumstances of his arrest and prior efforts by the state to silence Tommy (which failed), one must be wary of the current events and the way they have been handled.

This petition is a call for the UK government, specifically Theresa May, to give assurances to the people of the UK, and indeed the world, that Tommy Robinson is safe in prison. That no harm has come to him, and that no harm will come to him, and he will be able to serve his sentence free from said harm.

If this does not happen, I fully expect the unrest to grow, and not only do I expect it to grow, I believe free people across the world must demand it grow.

This is a line in the sand that cannot be crossed unchallenged.