We request immediate and unconditional release of Violette Uwamahoro from Rwandan custody.

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Mrs. Violette Uwamahoro, a mother of two young children and citizen of the United Kingdom who dedicated her life working with youths from Leeds, has vanished from Rwanda.

Mrs. Uwamahoro flew to Rwanda on 02/07/2017 to attend her father’s funeral. On her way back home to the UK, Mrs. Uwamahoro was abducted by the Rwandan government secret services and is now being held in Rwanda police custody in an undisclosed location.

Violette Uwamahoro, who has lived in Britain since 2004, has not been seen since February 14, 2017. According to her husband Faustin Rukundo, he lost contact with his wife Uwamahoro on the 14th on her way to the main bus station where she was supposed to board a bus to Kampala. Her phone went dead and she suddenly disappeared.

Mrs. Uwamahoro’s husband along with British diplomats in Kigali contacted the Rwandan authorities to inquire about her, as always the Rwandan authorities denied any knowledge of Violette Uwamahoro’s whereabouts.

On March 1, 2017 a British newspaper reported that "It is understood that Rwandan officials have told British diplomats that they do not know the whereabouts of Mrs Uwamahoro, who has two sons aged 10 and eight. Former Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, who is Mrs Uwamahoro’s MP, has tabled a parliamentary question asking Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson what contact has been made with the Rwandan government concerning her disappearance.”

Under pressure, on March 3rd 2017, the Rwandan police announced that Violette Uwamahoro was in police detention where she had been held incommunicado for more than two weeks. Suddenly, Rwandan authorities are reporting that Ms. Uwamahoro is being accused of attempt to national security.

According to the Rwandan National Police: ”Violette Uwamahoro was apprehended by Rwanda National Police based on a tip off that she is involved in criminal dealings constituting serious crimes, including attempts to recruit people into a criminal network.”

Dr. David Himbara, a very well respected Rwandan scholar and  former President Paul Kagame's economic advisor and familiar with Rwanda security system reacted to the Rwandan Police’s statement. He stated that "This, of course, is pathetic. In the first place, how do you hold anyone incommunicado for two weeks? Where can such a thing happen except in a totalitarian police state? Keep in mind that the Kigali regime is notorious to kidnappings, fabricating false allegations to whoever disagrees with President Kagame.”

This young mother, who is still mourning the death of her beloved father is being persecuted because of her husband’s political views and association to the Rwanda regime opposition party the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) party. Mr. Faustin Rukundo is a vocal and active official of the RNC the party in exile, that has been reporting on President Kagame and his regime crimes and human rights violations.

We strongly urge the British government to put pressure on President Kagame and his government in requesting an immediate release of this young mother, a victim of President Kagame's tyranny. Mrs. Violette Uwamahoro belongs to her young little children and her loving husband and not in President Kagame's prison.

We are fighting to save Violette Uwamahoro who is currently extremely distressed as a result of spending 17 days in undisclosed area illegally and we need your help to do so. Will you please sign this petition to help save Violette Uwamahoro?

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