Vote on the Engagement in Syria

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The UK contributed to the wreckage of Libya and Iraq, which were mistakes entered into because our leaders entertained prophecies of exaggerated catastrophe. Since the engagement in Iraq and Libya, no positive development has occurred in either country; at this moment in time, Libya is in turmoil with no President and continual battles with militias and terrorists. The senior leaders of the Libya are so desperate that in the upcoming elections, Gaddafi's son is running for Presidency. Take a moment to think about this, the son of the former leader of Libya, which the UK and the US personally removed, is the only hope for Libya's preservation! Iraq has just declared victory over ISIS after a 4 year domestic war, not to mention the vast corruption that takes place daily. Iraq was the leading Arab country in the Middle East before the UK and US instigated war!

Now the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, who supposedly represents the people of our country decided to attack Syria because of so-called "chemical weapons". Our Prime Minister did not ask the UK public or the Members of Parliament (MPs) for any approval of this war when our country has faced countless cuts and increased taxes where we face our own battle with violence in the heart of London. It should be the right of the MPs to vote on this life-changing decision, not the Prime Minister who was only voted into office by means of a coalition as she could not hold a majority victory. 

The reason the UK went to war with Iraq was due to "weapons of mass destruction", but no evidence was ever found. Now they want to go to war with Syria and the President, Assad, who is winning the Civil War. Why would the President, who is winning his Civil War go and drop chemical agents on his own people? I urge you to listen to the recent Sky News interview with former Head of the British Armed Forces, General Jonathan Shaw, who stresses the same points. The UK cannot afford to go to war. 

Theresa May, this, and any future, involvement needs to be decided by the country!

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