Urgent changes needed Mental Health Scotland Act killing innocent people every day

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I have a rare autoimmune disorder

I nearly died in 1995 of Guillain Barre syndrome

My father died in 1988 of amyloids disease

My children have major health problems

I had untreated post natal depression in 1992

I spent a year at home recovering from GBS and went back to work in 1996 before local government reorganisation 1/4/96 in East Lothian. I developed situational depression and was put on 375mg the top dose of an antidepressant called Venlafaxine (Effexor) this is a dangerous drug it sent me hypomanic and in December 1998 I was diagnosed Manic Depressive on my first manic episode beause my maternal uncle has this diagnosis he is type 1 and takes lithium I am totally different to my uncle he needs to take the medication.

I believe i was misdiagnosed. I am dealing with that now and due to be reviewed by an independant psychiatrist. I became a facilitator for Bipolar Scotland and ran the support group locally - now closed due to lack of funding - this was a great platform a talking shop we helped each other through the highs and lows. I trained as a counsellor with CAPs an advocacy project in Musselburgh but recurring depression meant i never got to officially help anyone. During the years post diagnosis I went through childbirth (med free) and divorce.

The mental health service in Scotland had a local cottage hospital in Haddington (Garlton unit) I went there when things got too much for a break from my family and work pressures. Always of my own volition I made a lot of friends there. The staff had time for you. My uncle always told me to avoid something called a section Idid.

Until I was 50 in January  2014. I became lithium toxic I developed kidney problems but my consultant psychiatrist whom i did not have a good working relationship with  insisted i take medication. He forced me to take Olanzapine 10mg it made me really physically ill. I wasnt allowed to celebrate my 50th birthday was threatened with my first ever section and forced daily to take this under supervision by IHTT.I didnt take one tablet one night because i was really physically unwell and confided in IHTT I got my first section the next day and lost 2 weeks in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital as health cuts had closed Garlton 10 years previously noone believed I was physically unwell as i had a catscan and no kidney stones were found. An AMR was discovered on my right kidney and my GP of 23 years wrote to consultant urologists requesting an urgent MRI with dye I am still waiting for this to happen 5 years later.

Now I was "known" as someone who stopped medication. I have my NHS lothian records now since 1995 the assumptions made about me are shocking I dont recognise who they are referring to on paper - people who don’t know me but are judging me on the basis of a diagnosis in 1998. 

I received 4 further short term detention certificates in 2015 and 2016 it was scary the police came to my house once 4 of them my consultant and an mho,it got easier to section me each time it happened because i became physically unwell on prescription medication.

I am now allergic to all prescription medications I have major kidney problems and poor liver function on March 13th 2017 I was rushed to ERI 999 call whilst visiting a friend ironically at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital it was gallstones blocking my gall bladder

My sanity was called into question as I was med free I was threatened with a section and forced again to take medication under IHTT I had an anaphalactic reaction to this and many other drugs even cocodomal since then each time i was taken to ERI where I was treated as someone with a mental health diagnosis totally lacking in repect and compassion this time I have avoided section by the skin of my teeth. Again I have met many people in hospital some with mental health problems all have been treated without dignity. The Act needs to be changed now before someone else is killed by it.  Iain Gray mp was investigating my many complaints but this takes time. My CPN of 10 years no longer has a mobile phone for me to contact him for advice. The NHS is running out of patience and so are the patients