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Update the UK law, so bullies can be held accountable for driving someone to suicide

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Wednesday 22nd February 2017 marked the 12th anniversary of Gurda Dhaliwal's death. She took her own life having been bullied physically and mentally by her husband for over 20 years. Even though there was sufficient evidence which meant her husband should have been held accountable for her death based on the abuse for the majority of her married life, he walked away from the case a free man due to a loophole in the current law for Psychological Abuse. This law is has not been updated since 1864. A time when psychology was in its infancy.

And since 2005 an estimated 1872 women have committed suicide, as to them it was only option to escape from the mental and physical abuse their partners inflicted on them. Please note this does not include the victims of cyber bullying etc.

Gurda's case is now cited by the defence of men who abuse and torture their wives and partners, to the point where these women have no other escape other than taking their own lives. 

Refuge (Womens Domestic Violence Charity) has figures estimating approximately 3 women a week are committing suicide and their partners are simply getting away with murder, permitting them to behave the same with their next partners. 

This petition however is not only focused at women, but at anyone who is bullied and subjected to abuse, since bullies must be held accountable for their actions.

At a rate of 3 women a week, commit suicide. Which means sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers, aunts all taken from their families due to the constant bullying of their partners. The knock on effects on our society of these deaths is immeasurable. 

So please sign and share this petition. We have one year to get the 100,000 signatures needed.

I believe this is something we need as a nation. We need to protect our loved ones from bullies. We need to stand up to bullies and tell them they will not get away with murder. 

Thank you.

Nav Jagpal

(Brother of Gurda Dhaliwal)


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