Universal Infant Free School Meals is helping your child's development. Don't take it away

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Obesity and related illnesses cost the NHS and the British taxpayer  £5.1billion pounds last year. Nearly 10% of children in their first year at school in England are obese and 1 in 5 children in year 6 are obese and the figure is rising at an alarming rate. 

It is recognised that the influence of junk food being marketed for children has a massive impact and it needs to stop. Measures to put a stop on these advertisements being broadcast before the watershed needs to happen right now.

I am a catering Manager for a Primary Academy in West Yorkshire and have welcomed the Governments introduction of the Universal Free School Meals. My team have worked very hard to get our children to eat a healthy, balanced, nutritious meal and Guess what? It's working. The children are eating fresh, home cooked food every day and loving it. To see their little faces light up when they see What's on offer, makes my job worth while. 

BUT!!!! It's been broadcast that it is going to stop!!! The Government want to reap back some money and unfortunately it looks like it is coming from our children's plate. So obesity will keep rising, children will still watch all the junk food adverts and fill their tummies with rubbish, Dentists will keep pulling out teeth (that's if you can find a dentist as they are very over stretched) surgeons will keep trying to save lives (some will be our children's lives) the NHS costs will keep rising and the UK Tax payer will keep Paying more and more. 

One of the most saddening aspects of all this is, if this continues, statistically we could outlive our Children. That is a harrowing thought. 

Please sighn this pertition to save our UNIVERSAL INFANT FREE SCHOOL MEALS.