United kingdom anime ban or close monitoring of anime content

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The aim of my petition  is start a cause to help society in general by either banning or keeping strict rules on what anime content can be displayed in the united kingdom. the first and main reason i would like to achieve this is because of the rise of hentai and loli (a legal loophole in itself) porn which are morally wrong and thus should be banned. The reason loli pornography is a legal loophole is because it depicts children in explicit sexual scenes however it is not considered paedophilia as there is no proof of age as they are fictional characters. loli porn could act as a potential gateway into actual child pornography and paedophilia which is not only illegal but morally despicable.  Under the Protection of Children Act 1978, there is a strict prohibition on the production, circulation and possession with a view to distribution
of any indecent photograph, or pseudo-photograph of a child under 18. 

with a lot of pseudo-photographic content being illegal already the only logical progression  is to ban or strictly prohibit and monitor the distribution and viewing of anime.