Uk to vote to legalise cannabis medical and recreational BOTH. Save police time!

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Time for the public to decide on what THEY want. Let the UK public do a vote on all cannabis use, time to stop police time and let them get the real criminals, time to help the people who need the medical, and time to let the people who just want to have it. 

Stop treating cannabis as a danger. Because for example there is alcohol out there and others. It’s now 2018 , time has changed over the years and let’s legalise now. And let the public vote for what THEY want for our country. 

Its about time we have a saying, it’s OUR country, we should have what WE want! The GOVs don’t want drug dealers on the streets. Well do somthing about it where you can legalise. And there should be an amount that your only aloud in public, and allowed to grow, plus more money for our country and more business with the shops/ more jobs 

Medical - as we no it does help. Help the ones who are suffering and really do truly need it, time for that to change and do what’s right. 

please sign, and support this, for the public  lets all have a vote and change this. And say hello 2018, 2019 onwards. 

UPDATE: 26/07/18: as we no they will be letting medical cannabis available, now everyone no’s its just the one thing most people want in this country now. 

Update: 11/10/18: Medical Cannabis will be avalible in the NHS from the 1st November. ( we just need the recreational use now )