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UK should influence Indian govt to prevent lynching of innocent people in name of religion

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Prime Minister of UK & The leader of the opposition in UK Parliament 

I write this petition seeking your help on this very sensitive matter. I fully understand that this issue doesn't relate to this wonderful country UK of which I am a law abiding citizen. However I also know that you both are very senior leaders who command respect by virtue of being the leaders of your party and also of this wonderful country. UK hold a very strong position in the world politics and has the power to influence governments abroad and much more in the common wealth nations. Hence with this hope, I write this petition to you and seek support of wonderful peace loving British general population of UK, on this sensitive topic because I still have my roots in India. 

India is a great country which used to take pride in its unity in diversity due to its multicultural and multiethnic society. I still admire it and it is still a home for me after UK and I respect its laws just as I respect the laws of UK. 

Over the last 3 years there has been significant rise in intolerance towards Muslims in India. Majority of Muslims in India have always been peace loving people and have been an integral part of India society. However over the last 3 yrs they have been subjected to significant oppression. They are branded as anti national and Pakistani despite being law abiding Indian citizens. This problem started only since BJP came to power which has been promoting hindutva and forcing their thoughts and hindutva ideology on every citizen of a multicultural society like India. No one from religious minority is safe whether they are Muslims or Christians or anyone else. Their places of worship are unsafe and their houses and businesses are unsafe. People forced to show their patriotism and are forced to do acts which may not be in line with their religion and neither necessary as per Indian constitution. No where in Indian constitution it says that prople should say Bharat Mata ki Jai (hail mother/goddes India) but Muslims and even some Hindus (who do not believe in such false show of patriotism) are forced to say that. There is no independence to support any sporting nation. In UK I enjoy the independence and can support any team for example in cricket. I may support South Africa in a match between SA and England or I may support India in a match between India and England although I live in this country. This is the great independence I enjoy in this wonderful country but I can't even imagine of supporting another cricketing nation especially Pakistan whilst in India. The school curriculum is being changed with more of hindutva ideology being taught thereby creating a new generation of religious bigots and increasing the hatred amongst communities.  

The various rogue elements from the pro hindutva ideology (who enjoy protection, obert or covert, from the BJP led central government of India) have added on a new dimension to the cruelty and barbarity. They lynch and kill innocent and helpless Muslims anywhere just on suspicion of eating beef. This barbarity has increased so much that Muslims have started living in fear. Over the last 1-2 yrs there have been at least 21 such incidents where rogue elements with links to pro hindutva ideology have remorselessly killed innocent Muslims just based on unfound and unconfirmed reports of eating beef. This has led to sufferings and persecution of religious minorities in India. Although these may appear sporadic incidents but they in fact are a well disguised acts of oppression of religious minorities so that an environment of fear and terror is created amongst the minorities and no one dares to raise voice against the pro hindutva ideology. 

India on one hand says cow is respectable animal and reincarnation of god for them and consider it as mother but on the other hand India has been largest producer and exporter of Beef in the world. 

Is muslim life so less worthy that it can be taken only on the basis of rumours that they have eaten beef. 

Even if they were unhappy that a person has eaten beef then can they not follow law and order and handover to police rather than taking law in to their hands and killing people. 

Are we entering in to a new world order where few elite will dictate what rest of the people should eat and how they should dress. 

Atrocity by any group should be condemned strongly and dealt with strongly but then why the media doesn't report all the atrocities on Muslims whilst it reports every atrocity by Muslims. Why don't the world political leaders address and deal with the problem when it is starting rather having to wait until the it reaches the level of genocide. In the coming years the problem may escalate to unprecedented levels with serious implications to regional and world politics. I fear that Muslims in India will face the fate of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and this may have serious implications to world peace. India has nearly 220 million Muslims (much more than any single Islamic country except Indonesia) but they have always been peaceful and practicing their religion to their best abilities whilst integrating in to the society they live in. 

I request these leaders to use their diplomatic relations and their office and anything in their official means to influence the government of India to have zero tolerance to any kind of racism, fascism, religious bigots & supremacist. India is a signatory to UN charter and should be made accountable for such incidents by raising awareness amongst other nations about the atrocities that are committed against Muslims and Christians in India. 

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