UK government to outlaw Islamophobia specifically

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In the wake of the terrorist attack on 2 mosques in Christchurch New Zealand where the perpetrators were motivated by Islamophia for their heinous crime of killing 49 innocent people and injuring more. The Muslim community feels that the attacks were caused by decades of anti-Islam and anti-muslim rhetoric being promoted in the mainstream media and politics where crimes of Muslims were affixed on their religion as a whole.

Violent attacks on Muslims were reported as being higher than ever before in the last year with Muslim women and elderly men being the main target of attackers. 

There have already been multiple islamophobic attacks in our country which resulted in loss of lives. I urge the government to offer more protection to the Muslims before the events of Christchurch are repeated in UK. 

I would like the UK government to recognise Islamophobia at the same level as anti-semitism by defining it and passing specific laws against it. In particular I want the government to put a stop to media reports of affixing crimes of individuals to the religion of Islam as a whole.