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UK cannabis legalisation

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We have all smoked it, ate it or been given it before. When I was younger I thought it was bad as well but now im older my eyes have been opened. Every day I read the news and theres always a new story like "Boy 13 with cancer saved by cannabis", what I don't understand is why the UK government are dismissing claims about its benefits and just labeling it as "DANGEROUS DRUG, KILLS BRAIN CELLS, MAKING OUR YOUTH STUPID". Now... I don't smoke every day, I don't even smoke every week but I do occasionally like to sit back, smoke a joint, and forget about life for just a few hours. Who else is like this? Now, what we need is AT LEAST for the UK government legalise it for medical uses. I have read claims saying that it could earn the government up to 11.2 billion a year, how is this not a no-brainer. They will have to spend less on police wasting there time telling people off for smoking a substance that has never killed anyone in history. Us weed smokers just want recreational use to be legalised. As long as it is controlled nothing bad can come of it. CIGARETTES: more than 443,000 people a year die from this and yet it is legal. I just don't understand, it just doesn't add up. Now please just legalise this, make a difference.

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