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To Stop People Being Able to Make Malicious Claims to Social Services

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We have now been investigated twice by Social Services due to both being malicious calls with some of the worse allegations that's can be made.

The first time we went through meetings and safeguarding meetings for over a year including myself having to move out of the family home due to these allegations made only then to be told that the case was being closed. This brought disruption to our family routine our children's lives and those around us.

The second time we have been accused of beating our children up not feeding them placing them around drugs. 

When we first got the call we told them we didn't want anything to do with them and that we would be willing to go straight to court to have our say and that we wanted to see a report first to be able to see a solicitor to represent us before anything went further instead they went to my parents house where the kids were staying overnight due to work commitments, Then them constantly calling over the weekend when no solicitors were available. Because we did this they done a section 47 at school pulling the children out of their education to question them without our consent but after them being questioned the day after we have called them and have said it's being dropped and they believe it was malicious and they have to meet us to sign the case off and they will be bringing a complaint form.

After being through this twice the amount of disruption and stress to families and the interruption to the children's education.

 Yes they have to deal with each allegation and keep them anonymous to the family that the complaint is concerning.

But we feel that when a alligation is made they person making the concerns and it is found to be malicious that they should be fined or something for wasting social workers time and that of the disruption of the family concerned.

Just like you can get arrested and fined for making a emergency hoax call.

It is not fair on the authorities the families and especially the children it does have an impact on all involved.

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