To release Alfie Evans and give him a chance of life.

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Help release Little Alfie Evans from AlderHey hospital...he has the chance to live life. He has no diagnosis, he is not dying and has transport ready to take him to Italy for possible diagnosis and treatment. Instead they want to turn off his life support and administer 2 lethal drugs to kill him that are used to execute prisoners in America. Its wrong for anybody to murder so please dont make it right for AH to take an innocent life.

The law states...
Both euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal under English law.

Assisted suicide..
Assisted suicide is illegal under the terms of the Suicide Act (1961) and is punishable by up to 14 years' imprisonment. Trying to kill yourself is not a criminal act.

Depending on the circumstances, euthanasia is regarded as either manslaughter or murder. The maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

Types of euthanasia..
Euthanasia can be classified as:
voluntary euthanasia, where a person makes a conscious decision to die and asks for help to do so
non-voluntary euthanasia, where a person is unable to give their consent to treatment (for example, because they're in a coma) and another person takes the decision on their behalf, often because the ill person previously expressed a wish for their life to be ended in such circumstances
Active and passive euthanasia
You may have heard the terms "active euthanasia" and "passive euthanasia".
"Active euthanasia" is sometimes used to refer to deliberately intervening to end someone's life – for example, by injecting them with a large dose of sedatives.
"Passive euthanasia" is sometimes used to refer to causing someone's death by withholding or withdrawing treatment that is necessary to maintain life.
It's important not to confuse "passive euthanasia" with withdrawing life-sustaining treatment in the person's best interests. Withdrawing life-sustaining treatment because it's in the person's best interests can be part of good palliative care and is not euthanasia.

Imagine if it was your child and you knew they had a chance to have a life and be saved.

Save Alfie Evans, This is Alfies Fight and he has Rights as well as his mum and dad Tom and Kate.

Please help get Alfie out of that barbaric hospital beforw they murder him and help get him to Italy. 

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