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To get respite for families with children with ADHD ASD ADD DISORDERS

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Had a brain wave now got do some reasearch how to put it into action if possible idea there is how.many.families in blackpool with children that havr a diagnosis of ADHD and yet there is no respite.for famlies in this town i spoke to.someone today about this in nhs and they agreed nothing all these empty buildings hotels etc why cant flipping teresa may open a respite centre n for these families to give them.a break.ftom.caring.duties could have overnight accomadtion somewhere for the kids togo make freinds have someone there to talk to if need it i myself am a parent with a chikd with this and it tiring draining puahes parents to.limits they need a break im.going to see if can get and see if something can be done to give parents a break respite there respite.there for other disablitities so why not this after all it.on autistic spectrum this a go see where can get to with this if anyone would like to help me with this.plz feel free mwybe we can put heads together.get.plan together maybe even local.businses to donate if we can get mps and to us give us parents a break think we deserve it 24/7 caring ADHD can be difficult hard work as parents a daily struggle tiring draining !!!please note theresa may do.sumthing for these families give them a brake going to start a petiion see if can get.anywheee please when i get it up.running please.please sighn and share thanks feel free to.comment thanks for listening  plz plz support this it affects mwny families in this town in blackpool who struggle on daily basis of them plz listen and help us parents 

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