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To get free digital tv for patients in hospital.

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Hi my name is Celli and my wife Claire has been in hospital 9 weeks now waiting for a heart transplant. We got married in the hospital too. And we pay £40 per week for her patientline tv so she doesnt get fed up and on top of that her benefits are due to be cut. Up until claires condition declining she was working as a receptionist in a sexual health clinic and would still be working  now if she could.

It disgusts me that patients like Claire have to pay for tv (and we pay our tv license) yet prisoners get it free! I strongly feel it should be the other way around. People in prison have shown a complete disregard for people they may have commmited a crime against, our laws and sometimes human life but yet they have free tv and other luxuries.

It should be the other way around, patients should get free digital freeview television and inmates should have to pay to have it.

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