To Change the Child Support Act 1991

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I would like to see a genuine overhaul to the Child Support Agency, this has been recently changed to the Child Maintenance Services where you pay £20 for them to basically give you the same results as before, nothing.

My ex-husband contacted the CSA and based on the information that he supplied them, they awarded my two children £8 p/w in May 2015. My children have never received a payment. I contacted the CMA regarding the nonpayments, it took months for them to get back to me and I still haven't been paid.

My ex-husband is a wealthy man and has systematically lied and cheated his children through the help of his accountant. The children's father has hidden his assets and maintains he lives off of a low wage, meanwhile, my children's human rights are being trampled on. My case is not only one, Green v Adams is a recent case where the parent was hiding assets and lying to the CSA. 

I ask that the law be changed regarding the failing child support. More rights be given to child support to thoroughly investigate the non-paying parent.

Children shouldn't have to suffer!

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