To be able to stay in the United Kingdom with my family. My family as been torn apart.

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My entire family is torn apart and my mental health as détériated. The thoughts of suicide is constantly going through my head every day. The thought of been forced and is been pushed to leave my family behind to go to a country where I was been abused by those who were meant to care for me. From the age of 5 I suffered abused along with my brother  physical, mentality and verbally. 

I am pleading with the Public to help me to have a right to family life with my British mother and younger siblings. 

I came to the UK as a child, Im now 21, however, because of my ongoing immigration case I am severely stressed, depress and my well-being affected.  I really do need your support in raising this awareness of been deported to a country where I have no home, no friends, no family and no money to go to. Also based on my medical illnesses I will not be able to get the treatment I need to survive. 

I urge the Government and the Bristish public to review my situation and put themselves in my position. This is not only affecting me but greatly affecting my younger brothers and sister.