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To ban the NRA's leader, Wayne Le Pierre, from entering the UK

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To ban the leader of the NRA, Wayne Le Pierre, from entering the UK due to the unacceptable and criminally negligent behaviour of the NRA

On 14 February 2018, a former student, Nikolas Cruz, went on a shooting rampage at a Florida high school, leaving 17 dead while panicked students barricaded themselves inside classrooms and frantic parents raced to the scene.
Prior to his shooting rampage, and while studying at the college, it is said that Cruz was part of the college shooting team which received a substantial grant from the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) in 2016.
Cruz was depressed and had been self-harming. However, despite his poor mental health, his trigger finger was entitled to a semi-automatic firearm.
After the Florida massacre, the NRA responded to calls for more gun control and the repeal of the Second Amendment (which prevents the Federal government from outlawing the right to bear arms), by accusing gun control advocates and the media of exploiting victims' grief to push for stricter gun control measures.
This is not the first mass shooting of teenagers in the US and it won’t be the last.
In 2012, after the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre in 2012, President  Barack Obama pushed for changes to gun laws. He proposed more background checks for gun sales and pushed to ban more types of military-style assault weapons and limit the capacity of ammunition magazines. But he failed to convince enough lawmakers to support the restrictions.
In 2015, two days after the mass shooting at a church in South Carolina, President Obama blamed the tight "grip" on Congress of the NRA for blocking stricter gun laws. At that time, he said he did not foresee any quick changes to gun laws, adding, “Unfortunately, the grip of the NRA on Congress is extremely strong."
He said, "I don't foresee any legislative action being taken in this Congress. And I don't foresee any real action being taken until the American public feels a sufficient sense of urgency and they say to themselves, 'This is not normal, this is something that we can change, and we're going to change it.'
In February 2018, the tide may be turning. Public apathy, and loss of hope in change, is giving way to a groundswell demanding change.
So, will gun control now happen or will the pernicious hold of the NRA over US Congress continue to prevent the abolition of the Second Amendment?
Unfortunately, you need a 66% majority in Congress and the Senate to amend or repeal the Second Amendment. Without that change, Federal government is not permitted to legislate against gun ownership.
The NRA lobby and fund (and thereby own the loyalty of) most US politicians. Before Trump, the NRA had funded eight former Presidents who were also NRA members – Grant, Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Eisenhower, JF Kennedy, Reagan, and George H Bush. In 2016, the NRA spent more than $30 million in support of Donald Trump. Trump is owned and controlled by the NRA. He will only now see the need from more guns, guns to combat guns. After the Florida shooting he said, give the teachers guns. But when the teacher shoots the students, he will then say give the parents guns, and when a parent shoots the students, he will say give the students guns.
The NRA has put a gun to the head of democracy.
This year, 40,000 Americans will die by gun crime. A small town dies every year in the US due to a lack of gun control. In that same period, 70 people will be shot dead by guns in the UK.
Over 1.5 million Americans have died from gun crime since 1968, which (incredibly) is more than the 1.3 million lost to war abroad.
The US is therefore often less safe than a war-zone.
Mass shooting are not sporadic in the US, they are predictable and inevitable events.
The NRA seeks to retain and perpetuate the law of the gun.
By opposing gun control and the repeal of the Second Amendment, the NRA is a real and present danger to safety of people in the US.
The NRA should be outlawed in the UK.Its officials should be banned from the UK. It is actively engaged in unacceptable behaviour.  This is the Home Office precondition for banning entry into the UK.
No NRA senior officer should be permitted to enter the UK. They have blood on their hands.

Once the NRA becomes a pariah organisation, compromised politicians will hopefully rediscover their integrity, break away from the NRA’s financial grip, and then do the right thing to protect the next generation of young Americans and make it and the world a safer place.

We can help the groundswell in favour of gun control in the US by banning the NRA leader from the UK. It would be a good and symbolic first step. 
Please sign my petition to ban the NRA’s leader Wayne Le Pierre from entering the UK unless and until the NRA support the repeal of the Second Amendment.

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