TIA (Targeted Individuals Association) Against Electronic Harassment & Gang Stalking

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TIA (Targeted Individuals Association) Against Electronic Harassment & Gang Stalking

This petition affects all British, USA, EU, and all other countries citizens. We are the TIA (Targeted Individuals Association), a British Association of victims of Electronic Harassment and Gang Stalking. We are ordinary people called by the Government  Targeted Individuals who get attack with Electromagnetic Microwave weapons of war from distance.

They use a six way combination of electronic harassment devices Including:

Read this to understand what is going on:


DEW (Directed Energy Weapons)

Read top 4 docs on this page for information on DEW, and how to stop DEW attacks called CDEW (Counter Directed Energy Weapons).


 These weapons burn the Targeted Individual causing sharp pains, and radiation damage.

MAE (Microwave Audio Effect)

Dr Barrie Trower (MI6) used this from 1969, he told us that he has been hired on consultancy by UK police forces to demo and use MAE so we know they use this.

This allows the person using it to listen to what you are thinking and to also talk back to you in your head that only you can hear.


DARPA Nano Particles in every person on the planet now. Overlay for Geo tracking of the Targeted Individual and RFID recall of your data, bank accounts, purchases, travel, phones data and internet data. DARPA is also capable of V2K Voice to Skull two way, where they can talk in your head and no one else can hear it and that they can also talk back to you.

RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) and Entrainment

RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) and Entrainment, this can be done via MAE using a Nuerophone add on. Dr Barry Trower (MI6) told us this was how they de briefed soviet spies, RNM can also be done by DARPA.

This allows GCHQ and other agencies to take over an individual’s thoughts and body movements to control them, They harass us in different ways. They complicate our lives and direct radiation at us, they spy on us, project pain, intense emotions, unpleasant thoughts, voices to skull, strange sounds, annoying sensations and  it can also be used to kill Targeted Individuals. This can use a duel band phone to deliver a signal, 3g upwards.

We know this because if you read the original patent on the Nuerophone it stated that it could be deployed via a carrier wave using two transducers or beams, same as a modern mobile phone does, the signal can be sent over any frequency, but some work better than others. The original Neurophone patent also confirmed that the device could Entrain People, this patent was rejected, and then taken over by USA Navel Intelligence in 1959, ten years later they released the existing patent, but removed the mention of the carrier wave and the entrainment facilities of the Neurophone, this covered up the whole system for years and made the Neurophone a novelty item.


GCHQ and other agencies record your EEGs using electromagnetic field, so when you have a pain, they record that pain, and can then send that signal back to you and you feel the same pain, look up EEG by mobile phone, its online.

Now add to all that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that has brought just about everyone on the planet on to the DARPA system via Nano particles being added to food water and sprayed via "chemtrails" all over the world, run by super computers running atom based data storage.


Gang Stalking of Targeted Individuals By The State

Gangstalking that is being done by police, ex police, ex service people, and fraternity members like Masons, Drug traffickers.


The world needs to wake up! Everybody is a Targeted Individual. We are all on the DARPA system, just because you have not been activated does not mean you are not being used by the system. In other words, if you don’t feel the symptoms that all us Targeted Individuals feel, you are still being used without your knowledge in the AI system.

This is a global human experiment that is against every law of Human Rights ever written by all nations.

This is a war on Humanity committed by Governments and Security Services on behalf of the Establishment (Bilderberg).

They are Targeting free thinkers, activists, dissenters, anyone they have abused who is complaining and anyone who they say is a threat to national security, which can be anyone as there is no recourse, they use it to cover up crimes they commit against civilians.

The aim of the Targeting is to destroy the person’s life and control them so they can’t fight back.

There answer is to control us so when that time comes they can press a button and remove a huge percentage of the population and blame it on anything they like.

You have to wake up and fight with us, there is no other way, they need to be punished in public on a global scale, as soon as possible if you want you children’s future to be still there!


You need to join the TIA (Targeted Individuals Association) here:

The TIA website is www.targeted-individuals.co.uk

The people who suffer electronic harassment are kept penniless, undefended, harassed, victimized, persecuted and Gang Stalked 24 hours a day. We ask that governments are brought to court over this and find out who profits from it, that they protect us, investigate cases of electronic harassment, seize the weapons, arrest and prosecute the guilty and compensate the victims. Please, resend our request. Thank you very much.

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