Theresa May, time to resign. We have lost confidence in you regarding Brexit.

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During the EU referendum, Theresa May was a staunch “remain” supporter and despite taking over the Prime Minister role and promising that “Brexit means Brexit”, she has continually hampered and undelivered on the promises.

She claimed that “no deal is better than a bad deal” yet she keeps bending over backwards to hand everything back over to the EU.

This weak management is causing Tory voters to think about voting for another party. This is unacceptable and is purely Theresa May’s fault.

This week's meeting at Chequers has proved once and for all that she has no intention of delivering the Brexit that the majority voted for, nor does she have the strength and persuasion to turn this around to our benefit.

It’s time for her to stand aside and allow someone with vision, drive, who actually believes in Brexit (and always has done) and refuses to be pushed about by the EU.

Jacob Rees Mogg is the only potential PM with any backbone who believes in Brexit.