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Theresa May should be made to take taxes on a percentage basis and not target the poor.

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It has been said for many years that the conservative government are more concerned about the wealthy in this country than the poor, and this has become more of a believable issue with the election win.

We as a country should pay the same percentage of tax on all earnings, business etc. It is not fair that those making a larger amount of money are relieved from such charges, as the recovery for losses does come from the poorer or working class walks of life.

If cutting police was not enough, then cutting our fire services, closing fire stations down! It cannot be this way.

Most recently tobacco has been on the hit list, not only satisfied with changes this year, Mrs Mays government wants and i quote 'a smoke-free Britain' by expecting everyone to smoke e-cigarettes and reducing nicotine levels in an attempt to force people into that. Hiding behind 'campaigners' saying we need to watch out for the health of the country, when in reality we all know it is all about the money.

What we want to happen is exactly what we say, a fair percentage policy, we want multi-billion pound organisations that do business in this country to pay their fair amount of taxes!

We are sick and tired of having to suffer while the wealthy seem to have more of an advantage instead of fairness, so much for British being all about equality for every age, race, size, colour and bank balance.

In closing, please do not see this as anger, but more as a 'getting tired' feeling and help to try make this happen by signing our petition and force the government to listen to the small voice instead of casting us aside.

This cannot continue or where will it end? Just take a moment to think about that. 

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