Theresa May Identify & Prosecute Civil Servants who destroyed 'Windrush' Landing Cards

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In 2010 Civil Servants in The Home Office destroyed the Landing Cards specifically in respect of Legal Black UK Residents, who arrived in the UK as part of The Windrush Generation, between 1946 and 1973. This was a deliberate, illegal and racist act. These people and their children were invited to the UK to help rebuild the country after the decimation it had suffered as a result of German bombing during World War 2. Many of them actually fought alongside British Troops during the said War. They and their children were all given 'Indefinite Leave To Remain' in the UK. 

In an effort to illegally reduce the number of Black Immigrants residing in the UK and as part of a new "hostile environment" engineered by the Conservative Party, the records that proved Black Caribbeans had settled in the UK through totally legal means before 1973 were destoyed. 

Appearing on BBC's Newsnight on Wednesday 18th April 2018, the former Head of the Civil Service stated that there were no circumstances in which records such as Landing Cards should have been destroyed. This is without a doubt the most reprehensible act of skulduggery, that has not only torn families apart and damaged the health and financial future of some of the victims, but it has also led to at least one death.

It is imperative that the perpetrators of this heinous act of uncivilised and inhumane behaviour are identified, sacked and punished for their illegal actions.

We call on Theresa May to name all those involved in the decision and act of destroying these historic records (would they condone the destruction of Holocaust Victims' Records? I think not) and take the appropriate action to ensure that they are removed from their positions in the Home Office and are subsequently prosecuted.

Alternatively, if she is not prepared to do so, then as the Home Office Minister responsible for that branch of the Civil Service when these disgraceful events occurred, she must do the honourable thing and resign from her current role as Prime Minister.