British Muslims agree: Fund our police services properly to protect us from terror

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Theresa May, we agree that stamping out extremism will require ‘difficult and often embarrassing conversations’ – starting with this one.

There are 3,000 people on the UK terror watch list. MI5 has 4,000 staff. It takes 30 people to keep a terror suspect under surveillance. They need more funding – now.

The same goes for our police forces, some of which have had to let go nearly a third of their officers since 2010.

British Muslims have proven that they do not allow safe spaces for terror. We need you to do the same – even if it costs more money. You say you will give our police and security services more powers – does that include more manpower?

Muslim Brits banned the Manchester bomber from the mosque and warned the authorities about him five times. But the security services can only do so much when being forced to operate on a shoestring.

The terrorists have left no space safe for us – we will allow no safe space for them. We are as scared of getting blown up or stabbed as everyone else. Let’s work together.

Please: fund our police and security services properly. And let them do their job without being undermined by a foreign policy elite that doesn't do enough to stop British jihadists abroad, then looks the other way when they return home from battle.

We do everything we can to turn people’s minds away from violence, because our values are pluralistic British values. We choose to continue living here. This is home. We will never leave. Ever.

We fear for our futures. We fear for our children. We fear for our country.

To properly fund our police and security services and protect our fellow citizens, we are willing to pay higher taxes. Are you willing to raise them?

We have been having ‘difficult and often embarrassing conversations’ for as long as we can remember. Will you have this one with us?