Theresa May

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We are concerned that Yvette Cooper is tabling yet another cross party bill to block No deal, which is the default Brexit  option and would see us leave on WTO terms. Ms Cooper is effectively attempting to delay our departure from the EU and scuppering our chances at getting a  revised deal in place by the EU. She is in fact actually getting in the way of  the Prime Ministers negotiating hand while she tries to get the EU to agree to legal certainty on the toxic backstop. It is very clear that Yvette Cooper does not personally wish to leave the EU, this is reflected by her vote in the referendum, and her consistent  effort to thwart Brexit. This is unacceptable. 17.4 of us voted to leave and Yvette Cooper is trying to stop our departure, or at the very least she is meddling with it's outcome. This is undemocratic. It should be stopped. The result of the EU referendum has not yet been delivered, and it is NOT up to Yvette Cooper to  stand in the way of our exit from the European Union. We are signing here to show that this attempt needs to be stopped, the PM needs to get on with legal certainty around the contentious backstop or we leave the EU on WTO terms, and that Yvette Cooper cannot interfere with the legality of Brexit. Article 50 was voted on and our departure date is enshrined in law. Yvette Cooper MUST not be allowed to meddle with this in any way, shape or form.