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The unlawful treatment of black males by the police in the UK

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I would like to start this petition to highlight the Brutality, discrimination, victimisation, strong arm tactics an prejudice of black males in the uk by the police. And would like to start this petition an get enough signatures to start a public inquiry an investigation into thre disparities of the actions of the police and judicial system in this country an it's unjust treatment of black males. In particular my loving father Sharif cousins who was critically shot by the West Midlands police in July 2017 in what appeared to be an attempt on his life. As he was just walking to the shop for a packet of cigarettes unarmed of course.

He was hospitalised an in a coma for a month. An now suffers with physiological an mental issues as a result. Since this has happened he has had NO response from the police, NO apology, NO reason for why they shot him. This is totally unacceptable of the police the way they have dealt with this black man. An tried to quietly brush it under the carpet with not even a explanation given the victim my father. 

This country is trying to follow suit of the USA justice system. An the behaviour of the police is becoming disgusting. The mis-treatment of black and ethnic minority's and the brutality rate is getting more intense by the day. An we would like to see the law revisited an the police made responsible for their unlawful action,  instead of the normal slap on the wrist, or a minor reprimandment from the IPCC who are mostly ex police officers themselves.

My community was very shaken by this incident an have since lost all faith in the west midlands police an police in general. Normally black men don't survive to talk about these events so they get swept under the carpet more easily. Well my father did survive this murder attempt, and will be talking so let's see this get brushed under the great rug. 

The change I would like to see is simple... Equality in the UK an no more black men shot, strong armed, or abused by the police.




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