The KoppaKeg

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Summertime - when all you want to do is crack open a cold one with the boys. It's a scorching 25 degrees and you want some refreshing alcoholic beverages to quench the undying thirst. Head down to your local supermarket to obtain the illustrious KoppaKeg. The mother of all kegs. Containing the sweet sweet nectar of the Koppaberg cider.

Alas on arrival the shelves are bare and it seems all the social media hype and promotion is a mirage or some kind of sick joke. No matter how many times you return the kegs are amiss.

I am writing this petition in order to create a law that makes it a legal obligation that all supermarkets must always stock the KoppaKeg no matter what the circumstances. I urge you to sign this in order to get what the British public want. 

The KoppaKeg.